Dorothy Lies

The history of the band ‘Dorothy Lies’ dates back to February 1997 or even further. (Should anybody be familiar with the name ‘Space Monkey’…) For ‘Ted’s Village’, a band representing pure California Punk style was formed this year in Szombathely by three good friends; singer-guitarist Sándor Szijj, bass guitarist Gergely Kusztor (Blues Jam, ex-Sipőcz Rock Band) and drummer Péter Punger. The band was considerably successful locally, performed at numerous festivals while they released three albums on their own with 12 of their songs altogether.


0,65 – 1998

Delirium – 2002

Radio 03 – 2003


The band was reformed in 2007. Péter Punger was succeeded on the drums by Ottó Horváth (Creeping Death, ex-Long Road), besides the three-member band was extended to four with the arrival of lead-guitarist Zoltán Gyurácz (Voiceless, ex-Sipőcz Rock Band) into the band, which was the beginning of a procedure which led the band to change its name in the end.


The band spent the following four years in the rehearsal room with few concerts. During this period the sound started to change, the members began to learn to work with each other and the style the band now represents evolved. The effects of this procedure can be experienced both on the music and the members so it became necessary to decide on a new name for the band. This new name – after long negotiations – was ‘Dorothy Lies’ which might sound more simple and easier to remember. It is hard to categorise its style but ‘Melodic California Punk-Rock’ would fit best as a description, although not only this style can be found on the new album.


The band gained momentum last year when finally they went into studio to record the first album of the newly-renamed band. The 2011 album is called UltraSonic and contains 12 of the songs the band wrote in the last few years. It includes a wide range of styles since there are classic punk songs, melodic pop-rock songs, hard – even metallic – sounds and also classic rock tunes.


The lyrics are written in English by singer guitarist Sándor Szijj for several reasons. Firstly, this language is an easier way of expressing thoughts for him and most of the time he writes serious, multi-layered lyrics. Secondly, more and more people find this language less and less difficult and lots of them understand and sing the songs at the concerts. Thirdly, this language is considered to be the original language of this style and sounds good this way.


Band members

Sándor Szijj

Zoltán Gyurácz

Ottó Horváth

Gergely Kusztor