Concerts in December 


Ladies & Gentlemen!

Click on the link below for the free download of Dorothy Lies's latest album; Ultrasonic!

It has 12 excellent songs; we hope you'll enjoy them! (It's also free to share, forward or post the info!)

Dorothy Lies - UltraSonic


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Concerts in December

Hey everybody!

There will be two concerts in Szombathely this December. First up is the 20th Anniversary of the Department of Fine Arts of the Secondary School of Arts in Szombathely which takes place in Cinema Savaria, Szombathely on 9th December (more info). We are doing a gig together with three other bands (Konzi Big Band, A Trojka Kaland, Westend Blues Band); our turn is at 22:00. For your information: two members of Dorothy Lies; Kuszi and Sanyi graduated from this school. The ancestor of the band, Ted’s Village was garaged up by Pungi, Kuszi, and Sanyi, three other jerks from the same school. The rest is history…

After all this, on 23rd December the band will be performing at the traditional Xmas Rock Party at Végállomás Klub, Szombathely. Other bands playing this night are Sipőcz Rock Band, Skót Rock Band and Galeri.

Merry Mulled Wine and Ale Barrels for everyone and ULTRA SONIC Rock and Roll!

See ya!




UltraSonic - For Sale!

If you would like get a copy of our latest album called 'UltraSonic' there are many ways to do so. It is available at concerts and can be purchased from the band (4€) or you might as well order it by email from (4€ + P&P - to be paid by bank transfer). For more information also refer to this address.

Dorothy Lies - UltraSonic


Album release concert

Dorothy Lies album release concert on october 6th at University of Szombathely.

Our guests will be ‘Smokings’ and ‘Violet Eye’.

Dorothy Lies - UltraSonic

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AZK - Sárvár

Thanks for the audience at AZK, Sárvár for the terrific party! On our way home, in the tour bus, we discussed that it’s no wonder we like doing gigs in Sárvár! Thanks for everybody who came along and had fun with the bands. I think we can also say it in the name of ‘The Idoru’, that a rock party should be something like this. You can check out the photos from the concert at ‘Pictures’ and read the article at and LáthatatlanSárvá (supposing you speak Hungarian). The next few days will be all about preparing for the Dorothy Lies album release concert on october 6th.

Our guests will be ‘Smokings’ and ‘Violet Eye’. Everybody is welcome for a really good Rock ‘n’ Roll party to the club of the University of Szombathely.


Let's get started!

Hi! The official website of Dorothy Lies has been launched today. Listen to some excerpts of our brand new album, UltraSonic, check out our picture gallery and read interesting facts about us. There is also a forum, where you might tell us what you think. (Tell us, what d'you think? :P)